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Bl Black Barber Makes Nearly Half A Million, Creating “Man-Weaves” ack Barber Makes Nearly Half A Million, Creating “Man-Weaves” by Samara Lynn ( Wade Menendez Vice is reporting that a black barber based out of Maryland, is making a lucrative business creating hair weaves for men. Thirty-five-year-old barber Wade Menendez glues natural and synthetic hair to balding […]

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Now, women come and sit in the lobby, in the waiting area, while their husband is getting the hair done. It used to be the opposite. And women, may be partially to blame for the fake beard crazy. "We influence a whole lotta stuff," said Rogers. "Anything we think looks good that's what they're going [...] Read More
The "Straight-Razor" Powerful,  but Intimidating If shaving were a sport, the straight razor would be the chosen blade of the big leagues. It is also a luxurious experience and labored process. There is good reason why we let the professionals—the barbers—wield the blade, while we relax with our eyes closed on their throne. A straight razor is [...] Read More

A Little Humor – The “Cowboy’s shave” An old cowboy walks into a barbershop for a shave and a haircut.He tells the barber, “I can’t get all these whiskers off my face anymore. My face is too wrinkled from years out in the sun.” The barber reached over and picked up a little wooden ball […]

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